All About Facebook’s Audience Insights

Facebook have launched its Audience Insights tool, available in Ad Manager, which allows marketers to find out more information about current or potential consumers, they’ve described it as a “new tool designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behaviour and more”. 


The information is anonymous but you can learn a lot about your customer base using this tool, take a look at this list from Facebook



Using this information, Facebook marketers will be able to tailor content to suit who is engaged with their page and broaden their existing content to engage new users. 

This is great news for smaller companies who might not have any other means of finding out about their online community and who they are.

The difference between Audience Insights and Page Insights is that Audience Insights looks at trends whereas Page Insights looks at interactions on a page, likes comments et al. The tool aims to give marketers information based on the trends of current and potential customers on Facebook. 

It will allow marketers to acquire insights into three types of consumers: current target consumers (created in Custom Audiences), general Facebook users, and users who are connected to a particular Page or event.

How would you use this tool?

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